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Oh that I had the

wings of a dove,

  for then I

would fly away

and be at peace.

                 - Psalm 55.6




 A beautiful dove will carry me to heaven and my soul shall soar with the birds,

In the early morning birdsong, I will whisper hello,

And you will smile with the knowledge that I am with you.

............ Catherine Sale 2006





There is no easy way to say goodbye to a loved one,  and sometimes, words just aren’t enough.  But some comfort can be found in the symbolic gesture of releasing doves at a funeral which represents the departed’s spirit flying away, free from pain and at peace, carrying with it all the love of family and friends.


Truedoveways offer affordable funeral doves,  professionally carried out by

experienced handlers, who will dress appropriately and will do all they can

to carry out the family’s wishes.


Our funeral doves can return home from cemeteries and crematoriums in Essex, including Upminster, East London,

City of London, Manor Park, Romford, Basildon, Bentley, Southend, Chelmsford.

We also cover Kent and parts of London.  


Please call for free advice regarding releasing doves at a funeral

or a no obligation personal quotation.

01708 402251

Funeral Dove Release in Essex, funeral doves in east london 
doves for a funeral

Releasing doves at a funeral

Funeral Wishes




Funeral Doves In Essex  white dove release for a funeral in east london, funeral doves in east london
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Doves for a funeral

doves for a funeral funeral doves

Doves for a funeral

Releasing white doves at a funeral

You can have as many family members

as you want to

release a dove at a funeral

as we have large baskets

that hold up to 20 doves.


Funeral Dove

Funeral Doves

Doves for Funerals