wedding doves, doves for wedding,

doves for a wedding, doves for weddings

wedding doves

The Unique Georgian Grand - 6 foot high

Doves For Weddings  

     The Unique Rococco Romantic  -  4.5 foot high


A pair of white doves in an elaborate carrier that will look absolutely beautiful in any setting,  

We think it is beautiful and chic  and look forward to taking bookings and adding gorgeous photos to our photo gallery very soon.

doves for weddings

 Family Flock  -  holds 10 doves    

Usually booked alongside the Georgian Grand,  Diamond Deco or Rococco Romantic, the parents of the bride and groom release these 10 white doves to symbolise the two families coming together as one.

May also be booked to release a flock of white doves by the bride and groom or bridesmaids which makes an amazing photo.    

dove release
doves for weddings
dove release

      In  Remembrance  -  holds up to 4 doves    

An additional service to add to

The Georgian Grand, Diamond Deco or Rococco Romantic

to remember loved ones who can't be with you on your special day.    

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Available at any church or venue

in Essex, Kent and London

The Unique Aurora Nouveau  -  5 foot high

wedding doves
doves for weddings Wedding Doves aurora White Doves Essex

Don't worry ... Our doves fly freely everyday.

They are only in their cages for a short time and they are well behaved because they know they are safe.  


Don't forget ... you are welcome to come and hold our doves as a trial release before you make any commitment, just give us a call and we will book you in for a visit.

Doves for a wedding

Our beautiful doves will look stuning on your wedding day.

 They love to bathe, puffing themselves up and splashing about.  

They will enjoy a luxurious mineral bath on the morning of your wedding.  

They will then preen themselves to look even more gorgeous for the photos.

claire and billy

The Georgian Grand wedding dove displays are unique, beautifully decorated and are ideal for placing at any doorway and will adorn a plain entrance.  They also look great spaced apart with the bride and groom in the middle ready for your photographer and guests to take amazing pictures of the wedding doves.  

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Ribbons with diamonte brooch can be added to match your own colour scheme, or in neutral white foran additonal £10.00.


Ribbons with diamonte brooch can be added to match your colours, or in neutral white,  for an additional £10.00