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We breed all our own doves and they are lovingly looked after by our family.

First and foremost they are our pets, who just happen to help us make your day special.

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At TRUE DOVE WAYS we release pure bred White Logan Rock Doves, because they are the only white doves that have the homing instinct. Any other dove cannot return safely to its cote and would suffer in the wild.

After each release the doves return to our garden, usually arriving home before us, and let themselves into their loft, where there will be food and water waiting for them.


Our white doves are exercised every day.

 They are let out of their loft in the morning and fly freely all over Essex.  

They come back of their own free will and spend a lot of time pecking the flowers, looking for twigs in the

 garden for nest building and sitting on the roof of the house.

            They love to have a bath, and we guarantee that our doves will be spotlessly clean at all time.


 We feed them one hour before dusk and then they are locked in their loft overnight to protect them

 from cats and foxes.



..............................We often get asked…………………


“Will the Doves Poo on my Wedding Dress?”


This is highly unlikely as birds usually poo whilst perched on a branch or ledge.

The co-ordinator will pass the doves to you with their legs tucked under their body which is the most

comfortable way for them to be held.  This physically makes it very hard for them to “poo” from this position.

We have never had this happen to date, but cannot accept responsibility

if it did happen.

Our Dove Loft

This is our loft which houses our doves.

They fly freely everyday and are only locked in overnight.

Each morning we hold back the doves we need for work that day,  then the others fly off ,

sometimes for hours, which means they are memorising their way home by picking up the magnetic field.

We have over 60 doves so they are rotated to work equally amongst themselves.

 We run a natural breeding programme and do not force pairs together.  

We do not separate young birds from their parents, they are free to stay with them until they naturally

leave their nests.

On very rare occasions we have had doves come home injured by sparrow hawks,

or electrical cables and they have astounded us by their sheer determination to get home with such injuries .  They do recover but we do have 8 doves that are now retired as they tend to stay very near to the house when they come out of the loft so we leave them at home to enjoy the garden and peck the flowers.  

 We welcome visitors to come and see our doves and have a cuppa with us whilst we chat about your requirements.    Should you wish to visit,  just let us know.    

loft 2



About our White Doves


We breed all our own doves.

 They are looked after and cherished by our family. We spend many hours keeping them spotlessly clean, tame to h and taking them on regular training sessions so that they are unlikely to get lost.

First and foremost they are our pets and we are very proud  of them and are honoured to share them with you on your special day.

White Doves For Weddings

White Dove Release